Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How Ginger Got Her Brows Back

So, I have a genetic condition called alopecia that leaves me eyebrow-less.  To top that off, all of my eyelashes fall out every couple of month.  Trust me when I say it makes life interesting for those who suffer from it.  My cousin experienced her first bout of alopecia just days before her senior pictures were to be taken.  Poor girl.  At least I am a blond and can mostly slide by with no facially defining hair. I know It’s not the worst of medical conditions, but life really is easier with eyelashes to keep dust and debris out of your eyes. You never really think about these things until you’re faced with a situation like this.
So, I just started at a new company Salonceuticals, the formulaters of  Regenepure.  I have been in the cosmetic/beauty/personal care industry for a very long time but, hair loss/restoration/regeneration is a new segue for me.  A new market means I have to dig my heels (or flip-flops in my case) and learn the industry inside and out.  As part of the process, I started using the products about a week before coming on board.  Granted, I do not have typical hair loss but I have to understand and experience anything I sell.  It’s my M.O.  I actually really enjoyed the Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner.  My crappy, frizzy, tangled hair loved it.  Great, right?  Well, what happened next was quite amazing.
I turned to my coworker and made the off handed remark that I had been taking our Advanced Hair Loss Supplement for a week and my eyebrows and eyelashes had started growing back.  My own words didn’t really sink in at that moment but, that night as I was washing my face I took a good hard look.  Sure enough, I had eyebrows!   Upon closer inspection, I also found little eyelash nubs.  They weren’t due to grow back for about a month.  Could it be?  Do I dare hope that the vitamin supplements are responsible?  What I found after reading article after article about hair loss in general and eyebrow/eyelash issues was that many times vitamin deficiency was to blame or significantly contributed if there was an underlying health issue like alopecia.  Light bulb on and burning bright!  My eating habits are DREADFUL and taking the supplement gave my body what it needed to manufacture hair.  Bingo!  Sold!  Who knew a hair loss supplement targeted at balding men would give me back the ability to express surprise (raised eyebrows) or anger (furrowed eyebrows).

Regenepure Essentials Advanced Hair Loss Supplement with Biotin – it’s how Ginger got her brows back.  True story.

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