Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Easy DIY Skincare

So....now that my 6 year tenure with a manufacturer that produced high end clinical skin care has ended, I am ready to pull back the curtain and give you a peek inside. Why would you want to know where your face cream comes from? Well, I believe that knowledge is power and if you only knew what really goes into making that bottle of lotion you may just want to make it yourself (and its easier than you think!). Who wouldn't want to eliminate unnecessary or harmful chemicals from your routine? How awesome would it be to save a ton of money AND improve the quality of your face products? Let me help you out with that.

Now, before you go throwing out all of your Clinique and Estee Lauder you should know that there are a few down sides to DIY skin care. If you opt to totally eliminate preservatives, you may have to resort to making small batches on a weekly basis and may need to refrigerate your concoction (depends on the ingredients used). Accuracy can also be a challenge unless you own a small scale to measure the ingredients so, willingness to accept small variances from batch to batch will be helpful. OK, that covers the "cons" category. The "pros" list is much longer - customize your products, preservative free skin care, maximum potentency, cost effective, easy, fun and you get to skip the mall!

Everything you need to make your own skin care can be purchased online - seriously. Whether you want to whip up organic baby butt balm for your newborn or have decided to reclaim the garage to start up your own line, there are websites that will provide everything you could ever want in your jar. The two that I highly recommend (based on quality of ingredients and selection):  www.lotioncrafter.com and www.theherbarie.com. Here you will find the same actives and ingredients you find in the highest end department store brands along with formulas, ingredient calculators, containers and even intro kits!

Does it sound too easy? It is. There is no need for a fancy lab with huge mixing kettles and filling machines. A little time, some basic math and a refrigerator are all it takes to be successful. Good luck and have fun!

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