Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What drives a VERY busy woman to blog?

I grew up around dogs...ever since I could remember there have been dogs in my life.  I got my very own German Shepherd as soon as I could afford to have one.  My obsession with these regal animals went back to infancy, or so it seemed.  My ultimate fantasy was to one day have a long coat Shepherd....and then it happened.  He was that one super special, amazing, unforgettable dog that you come to believe to be your soul mate.  And then he was gone.  I spent 5 years brokenhearted, miserable, and swearing I would never be able to love a dog ever again.  I used to curb my longing for another pet by visiting shelters or going to the pet store.  The urge would subside and I would carry on.  Then along came Jet.  No, he's not a noble dog with a purpose nor a fierce protector of my safety.  He is 18lb,  smushy faced, bred for leisure Pekingese.  I used to make fun of people who had "ankle biters" and here I am head over heals for this bug eyed little fur ball.  

I have loved make up and fashion since I realized I was a girl...around 8 years old.  To this day, I distinctly remember the time my mom gave me some of her cast off peacock blue eye shadow to "play" with  and the July 1979 copy of Cosmo featuring a striking beauty in a yellow one piece bathing suit on the front page (it was one of Gia Carangis best covers ever!).  I "evolved" into one of those teens that wouldn't consider leaving the house unless I had full on make up in place and the hair in a styled and cemented in a veil of Aqua Net.  Oh, the 80's!  One way or another, cosmetics and skincare have been a central part of my life from that time forward.

So, what does that have to do with this blog?  Lipstick and Fur is a marriage of my two life long passions.  It gives me a venue to help educate others on both subjects, to share what I have learned along the way, and to help bring about change in the lives of those who read these words.  I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.